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About Royal Tejasvini Institute of Culinary Art

We provide young people with a platform which is complete with all the required tools & equipments, facilities and technology to become future Chef who are proud about cooking. Our classes place high emphasis on skill development and make them fit into a professional workforce in managing large professional kitchens both nationally and internationally. Royal Tejasvini Institute of culinary arts is unique uptodate and industry relevant with innovation and new technologies. RTICA focus its academic programmes to the future needs of culinary y. Each Diploma holder from RTICA with the skills to launch an exciting rewarding career not only in the works leading hotels, restaurants or resorts but also as food writer, instructor, consultant and more. RTICA honours its commitments through expending international way of teaching learning and research conducted in conjunction with the development of different products and services. While being an independent entity the RTICA also works collaboratively with industry & other training divisions to ensure rigor relevance and exemplary enterprise.

RTICA is developing individuals through trust, knowledge, integrity and professionalism for an excellent career & filling gap in the hospitality industry.